The crux of our mission to reach students for Christ is by using the model Win, Build, and Send.

Win - Through Evangelism

The first part of our mission is to expose as many students as possible to the Gospel of Jesus Christ- that He died for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day!  We meet students and share the Gospel in a variety of ways including info tables, initiative evangelism, fun activities, and spiritual interest surveys.  Each semester we have the privilege of meeting hundreds of new students!

Build - Through Discipleship

To all those students who trust Christ or are believers hungry to grow, we are called to build them up and equip them through discipleship.  This is accomplished in a variety of contexts with a variety of tools: one-on-one, small group Bible studies, prayer meetings, retreats, large group meetings, discussion times, and more!  Our vision is to see these students equipped so they can disciple other students and multiply throughout the campus and the world.

Send - Through Leadership Development

We believe that if we can reach today's college students, we can reach the world for Christ!  Imagine all the parts of the world and all the walks of life that college students will be going into.  Our vision is to see them built but then also sent to reach others.  This starts on the campus itself but expands out to the world.  This process is accomplished through mission trips, student leadership in the ministry (servant team), individual vocations, and more!