The Messy Message / by Patrick Stoll

My life is a mess. Literally it is a mess. I have the best two-year-old daughter ever, but she is a tornado around the house. I could/do spend all day following her around cleaning up. Any of you that has ever had a two year or currently do, understand this perfectly. Well, I spend a lot of time worrying about her messes. It drives me insane when things are messy or I just become very apathetic and it piles up.
Recently I was talking with a speech therapist about my daughter’s eating habits and she made sure to tell me how important it is for me to let her get messy when she eats. She told me that using the fork to scrape or wiping her mouth every time she gets something on her face can actually cause big consequences in the long run. She basically said that is causes the child to be aware of the mess and self-conscious about it. This kind of shook my world. I am the queen of wiping her face and trying to keep her tidy while eating. It makes me insane to watch food fall all around and not be able to help with it. Needless to say this transition wasn’t very easy.

I felt so out of control, so desperate. But something occurred to me in all this. Is this how God feels? Does God sit there and watch us messy up our lives and wish so badly he could sweep us up and carry us. I think so but also what happens is he sees the bigger picture. He sees the current mess we are in and he says “I see you, I love you and I will continue to allow you to grow” God doesn’t make mistakes; he is the perfect father. He knows everything we need to grow into an image closely related to him. He sees our mess and says he sees the benefit and growth it will bring in the long run. I see my daughter sitting knee deep in spaghetti, I’m not ignoring that fact, but I am looking ahead to see what greater lesson is she learning.

Our messes don’t have to be cleaned up. Our messes need to be used to further our love for God. Don’t you see that God is giving us the most beautiful messages through his undying love for us to be like him? Because he is perfect. I want to be like Christ, not just because we’re called to it but so I can be filled with grace, compassion, truth and on and on. Sometimes when I feel like I failed or something just really bad happens, I stop and think what would it be like to be a person who has no hope in this situation. Because at the very end of the day, when all you fight is gone and you feel empty, remember God is there, holding you up. Can you imagine (or maybe you know) what it feels like to get to the end of a bad day and have no hope. There are people in our world who are in a mess, just straight up messiest messes and they have nothing to rely on. This is the mission, this is where God is glorified, when we are at the messiest and we see that it is still and will always be more than enough. 2 Peter 1:3 says; “ His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” If we don’t have him, his goodness, then we have nothing. This is why he calls us to go out and share his word. This is why evangelism is important, because if no one told you why or gave you reason for your life to be messy, wouldn’t you feel overwhelmed and just terrible?


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