The Future / by Patrick Stoll

As many of you know, Kaylee and I have been working towards meeting our personal and financial goals to better posture ourselves to enter ministry full-time. Last December Kaylee graduated (which I could not be more proud) and I will receive my degree this coming May. As we made the decision to buckle down, and purse what God has been calling us to, submitting our application to join a college ministry seemed like forever away. The hard work has paid off, which could only have come through support from our loving family and friends. We are now 1 month away from our interview to join a campus ministry full-time! This website is going to be the place to get weekly (or more frequent) updates as we pursue this grand adventure. We encourage you to share, comment, and engage in what we post and share.

Thank you to all whom has helped us get to where we are and that have extended love,

Patrick Stoll