2015 Favorites / by Patrick Stoll

Yeah I (Patrick) know, its been 2016 for a while now \\ 3 months to be exact \\ and I'm a little late on the weekly post. Sorry all. But! 2015 was a pretty great year and out of 2015 came some of our favorite things! So here they are:

I love coffee. I love coffee shops. I love meeting students and friends at coffee shops so naturally in 2015 I went on the quest of finding my favorite coffee house. Thanks to some really smart people and some really good craftsmen/women the coffee game in Denver and the surrounding area have provided not only beautiful spaces to think, create, and talk but also fantastic roasters. My favorite place of 2015 has become Amethyst Coffee. Not only do they just understand coffee at a level that I will never understand, they love explaining and sharing the craft.

They always feature a guest roaster that rotates, but they consistently have fresh roasts from Commonwealth Coffee. Commonwealth has quickly become my favorite coffee. They feature small batch craft single-origin roasts which are always killer, but their standard roasts are always a knockout. Beautiful coffee.

The folks over at Precept Ministries International have developed some amazing tools to better understand God's word, how to apply it to life, and to accurately articulate the Word. The inductive Bible Study has been around for some time, but I really started using it and applying it recently and have fallen in love with this method of studying scripture. It is a free tool that has helped me think through and press into God's word and the beauty of Scripture. You can check it out here: http://precept.org/about_inductive_bible_study

(Honesty time: I started using this in 2016, but before this post was written...)

My next favorite 2015 thing has been the Spoon Graphics blog. As a designer I am always on the hunt for good graphic resources and ideas and Spoon Graphics fits the bill. Chris Spooner is the designer and mastermind behind the blog and a few other designs websites. His instructions are on point and resources are just as great. Its a fresh break from the often times bland and generic creative markets out there (see what I did there). By all means, this should be used as a place to source ideas, techniques and assets to be applied to your great and original artwork (not just copied and pasted and presented as original work). Check out the blog here: http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/

This favorite of 2015 is a double whammy. Its both my favorite teach from 2015 (early 2016) and my favorite podcast episode. It comes from Pastor Andrew Arndt whom is the pastor of Bloom Church Denver. Just take a listen. The episode is called "First Sunday after the Epiphany" and can be found here: http://bloomchurch.bandcamp.com/album/epiphany-2016

I could go on an on about my favorite things of 2015, but I'll end on this one. My favorite clothing company of 2015 quickly became Moore Collection. This little Denver shop is ran by our good friends Taylor Palmie and Tanner Barkin. All of the beautiful designs and printing is all done in house by these two. You can find them at almost every flea event in Denver and the surrounding area, many local "Colorado" stores, and over at http://moorecollection.com/.